The human being as a conscious manifestation of the universal thought. This is the concept from which Guido Sitta and David Damiotti started in creating Humanas, an artistic project that explores the human mind and its connection with the universe.

Humanas evokes the connection between HUMAN – from English, human being – and MANAS – from Sanskrit, the Universal Mental Principle, the infinite and unlimited intelligence that permeates everything that exists.
Hence the artistic creation becomes a search for the divine in human, for what makes him eternal in his temporary manifestation. It is the aspiration to that unlimited reserve of strength and wisdom that can be unconditionally tap into and that is there even when it can’t be seen.

Artistic condensation of a conceptual research, the jewel becomes a symbol of the inherent potential in human nature, a means of creating a connection with the most hidden aspect of the self, free from any prejudice, an inspiration towards awareness of one’s uniqueness.


The jewels are characterized by the presence of male and female nudes sculpted by hand, stylized and at the same time meticulously detailed. They haven’t defined faces, because they don’t represent physical bodies but rather subtler conscious entities, belonging to the sphere of the mind.

The creative process springs from a thought, an inspiration that generates an emotion. And this, in turn, translates into an image so vivid in the mind that, if well focused, it can be directly impressed on matter without losing any detail.



From the rough block of wax, through scalpels and flame, the micro sculptures are transformed into metal and molded and freed through the technique of “lost wax casting”. Each jewel then undergoes further refinement with chisel strokes, in order to add shadows and lights and (to) redefine the details.

What previously existed only as an idea, now has its concrete form. This is how precious thoughts come to life, each with a precise meaning, each with its own world to tell.


Painting, music and philosophy are the worlds from which Guido Sitta and David Damiotti, creators and designers of the brand, draw their first training and constant inspiration. A twenty-year study applied to the common passion for goldsmith micro-sculpture, in contact with the master craftsmen in the workshops of old Rome, means that today the different artistic languages can merge into a new one, capable of thickening thought-forms that are molded in the material same.

Constant research and an innate inner drive towards the most disparate areas of human knowledge are the distinctive characteristics that David and Guido pour into all their creations, aware that only the love of knowledge can create true beauty.

Guido Sitta Designer Humanas


designer, goldsmith, chiseller and also pianist and composer, passionate about philosophy and quantum physics. Born in Milan in 1975, he graduated in piano at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome and he has been a pianist and composer for many years. Raised in a family of skilled chisellers, he has always cultivated his passion for design and goldsmithing as an ideal complement to his artistic activity.

David Damiotti Designer Humanas


designer, jeweler, modeler, painter, sculptor, graphic and theosophist. Born in Rome in 1974, he worked for many years in fashion and in arts, cooperating with some Art Galleries in Rome. In this cultural environment, he developed his sensibility for style and forms, consolidated then in the latest designer activity.