Guida alla manutenzione dei gioielli
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The “Humanas” products are handmade pieces in Bronze and 925 solid Silver.
Based on the model, they can present a galvanic finishing in Black Rodium.

As a general rule, be sure to avoid any crushing or manipulation of the micro sculptures that characterize, in full or in part, the Humanas creations to avoid possible breaks or alterations in their shape. In addition, be sure to avoid any type of contact or rubbing of the jewels on rough or abrasive surfaces.

Jewels in natural Bronze and Silver

In the long run, Bronze and Silver undergo a natural oxidation process that, although giving the metal an antique and lived taste, it can, on the other hand, cause the loss of their natural brightness. A particularly wet climate or acidity peaks in the skin ph can accelerate such a process. Wearing the jewels under the above conditions for a prolonged period of time, can cause the appearance of stains or halos both on the skin and on fabrics.

In order to maintain for as long as possible the brightness and cleanliness of those jewels lacking the galvanic finishing, it is recommended to wear them on dry skin, to avoid their contact with sea, thermal or chlorine-added water as well as with acid substances. In addition, it is not advisable to wear the jewels for a too long period during the hottest months of the year.

The jewels should be washed after their use and, once perfectly dry, placed in their custodies or, in any case, away from air.

If, in spite of the precautions above, the jewels will anyhow show an excessive oxidation, it is possible to clean them with a soft cloth soaked in a common detergent for red metals (copper, brass, bronze) for bronze and with a specific detergent for silver. Wash the jewels in plentiful cold water, dry carefully and polish them with a clean and dry cloth.

It is advisable, however, to submit the jewels to a professional cleaning at least once in a year, either at a specialized gold center or by contacting our dedicated service at  [email protected]

Jewels with galvanic finishing

The galvanic finishing consists in the jewel’s coating with a further layer of precious metal through the electrodeposition process. By means of this treatment, it is possible to confer the jewel a particular coloring emphasizing, at the same time, its brightness. In addition to the above, the galvanic finishing protects the jewel from oxidation, thus contributing to the maintenance of its original aspect, and avoids contacts between skin and metal thus preventing possible allergic phenomena.

The galvanic finishing of Humanas jewels if carried out with Black Rodium.
Rodium is the rarest and most precious noble metal existing in nature. Thanks to its physical and mechanical characteristics, it preserves the jewel from corrosion. Nonetheless, in the long run even a perfectly executed galvanic finishing is subject to the time effects.

In order to preserve the refining for a longer period of time, thus maintaining the jewel’s coloring and brightness unaltered, it is important to avoid shocks or rubbings on other surfaces. It is also appropriate to keep the jewels away from aggressive chemical substances and agents as well as from heat sources. The jewel can be cleaned with a soft cloth and cold water.

It is anyway recommended to have the galvanic finishing status checked at least once in a year at a specialized center or by contacting our dedicated service at  [email protected]